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Pontiac Silver Streak Metal Sign

Pontiac Silver Streak Metal Sign

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Dimensions: 22" X 22"

Weight: 8 lbs.

What was old, is New again!!

The original 1926 Pontiac, brilliantly conceived by General Motors president Alfred P. Sloan as a “six-cylinder Chevrolet,” in his words, was a big seller and a major money maker for the auto maker.  Since it was based on low-cost Chevrolet components, it sold at a very profitable markup.

The Pontiac Silver Streak styling theme, with a wide band of bright metal that ran straight down the center line of the hood and deck, Frank Hershey accomplished two feats: He cleverly disguised the Chevrolet-based sheet metal, and he gave Pontiac something it badly needed: a visual brand identity. The distinctive look would continue for another two decades.

We love bright metal, and so we have the pleasure of putting our spin on this classic logo.  Made from 22" of stainless steel and aluminum, this garage sign is a must have for any classic Pontiac aficionado.  No better way to add dimension to your office, garage, man cave, or bar than with this beautiful piece of history reborn.


Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Care Instructions

Clean with soft cloth & a small amount of window cleaner

Indoor Use Only

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