About Us

Chrome Domz

Who We Are

Located at the southern tip of beautiful Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, WI (Fond du Lac translates to "Bottom of the Lake" from French) Chrome Domz is a close knit and family based team.  We have over 20 years of metal fabrication experience from initial design concepts all the way through finished products. 

We pride ourselves on innovation, creativity, and "finding a way" which eventually led to the development of our patented process that allows us to create some of the most unique wall art and home decor out there.  At Chrome Domz, we give you the means to Bring Dimension to Your Home.

Under the roof of our big blue building we handle every step of the Chrome Domz creation process.  From concept and design, to cutting the stainless steel, taking that steel and Chrome Domz-ing it, adding the color detailing, packaging, shipping, and end to end customer service... it all happens in this one place by our awesome team.  We take pride in dirty hands and bringing our lunch to work so you can show off your pride in whatever it is you love in glorious, 3D, mirror polished, stainless steel.

Our Mission

“We want to offer the best brand loyalty wall art ever, and take metal art to a whole new level. With our craftsmanship, dedication, and passion for the unique, we desire to turn heads and change the world of interior decorating.” 

Our Vision

Attention to detail, relentless pursuit of perfection, and a passion for metal art. That is Chrome Domz in a nutshell. We want your brand to look like a million bucks on a shiny, colorful and durable Chrome Domz. We know that passion goes hand in hand with hard work, and we are always ready for the challenge.  Shoot us an email or talk to us about how we can take your brand to the next level.

The Company

Chrome Domz, LLC is a subsidiary of parent company, Nemesis Metals. Nemesis Metals began operations in 2005 and is a metal fabricator specializing in laser cutting and heavy weldments. Steady growth enabled the company to diversify into the sign market. After designing and patenting a machine to surgically emboss metal, Nemesis Metals spent several years fine-tuning the equipment and perfecting the product, officially launching Chrome Domz in late 2013.

Joseph Skelton, the owner of Nemesis Metals and developer of Chrome Domz, has two decades of metal fabrication experience. He started in metal fabrication right out of high school and during his career on the shop floor, quickly became known for finding solutions to difficult problems. Fast forward 25 years and he's still passionate about excellence, quality, and innovation.

Using our patented process to emboss stainless steel, we hand-craft attractive, durable, affordable wall art/signage to affirm an organization’s identity, create product awareness, and build brand loyalty. 

At Chrome Domz, we set out to create the world's most unique brand loyalty wall art. We think we've achieved that... and we're only seeking to raise the bar further. Our mission is to make your business, office, man cave and hundreds of other spaces look incredible. Make your friends say "wow" today!