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Corvette C2 Badge Metal Sign

Corvette C2 Badge Metal Sign

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Dimensions: 22" X 22"

Weight: 8 lbs.

Do you love your classic Corvette? OF COURSE YOU DO! Now you can display your loyalty to American Muscle boldly and proudly with this giant, 22" C2 series Corvette Badge in beautiful mirror polished, embossed stainless steel. And like that rolling piece of automotive artwork in your garage, this steel is also handmade in the USA with the same kind of pride and passion that helped make Corvettes turn heads for over half a century! Hand screwed to an 1/8" solid aluminum back that is pre cut with a standard sawtooth hanger, this polished piece of pride in Detroit Horsepower hangs on your wall with only the help of a simple nail. But don't let your friends too close...tell them to get their own!!


Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Care Instructions

Clean with soft cloth & a small amount of window cleaner

Indoor Use Only

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